Budgets and Audits

A copy of the budgets and audits can also be provided by the County Administrator’s Office by completing an Open Records Request with the County Clerk.

The County Administration Office is located at:
610 South Highland Street
Quitman, Georgia 31643
Phone: 229 – 263 – 5561

The County Administration office will make a good-faith effort to ensure the more recent copies of audits and budgets are posted. To ensure you have the most current budget version, please contact the Administration Office.

Past and Present Budget and Audit Reports

Year 2019

FY2019 Budget
FY2019 Auditor’s Report

Year 2018

FY2018 Budget
FY2018 Auditor’s Report

Year 2017

FY2017 Budget
FY2017 Auditor’s Report

Year 2016

FY2016 Budget
FY2016 Auditor’s Report

Year 2015

FY2015 Budget
FY2015 Auditor’s Report

Year 2014

FY2014 Budget
FY2014 Auditor’s Report

Past and Present Tax Digest


Year 2019

FY2019 Digest – Current and 5-Year Past History

Year 2018

FY2018 Digest – Current and 5-Year Past History

Year 2017

FY2017 Digest – Current and 5-Year Past History