Brooks County Recycle Centers:

Robert Vann, Manager

We have two locations that are made available to all residents of the county for the disposal of solid waste, paper, and metal materials. Not all centers offer the same services. Please continue reading for the offerings at each location.

Quitman Recycle Center

Located on the Madison Hwy (SR 333) just south of Johnson Short Rd. on the left. This center offers the disposal of solid waste and separate containers for plastic, paper, and metal products.

Phone: (229) 305-7816

Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Closed on the following county observed holidays:
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
New Years Day

Morven Recycling Center

Located just off of SR 76 behind Morvan City Hall. This center offers the disposal of solid waste and a separate container for metal products. This site does accept paper and plastic products but does not have the capacity to sort these materials for recycling.

Phone: (229) 305-7818

Monday – 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Wednesday – 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday – 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday – 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Closed on the following county observed holidays:
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
New Years Day

No commercial dumping, construction materials, tires, batteries, propane tanks, yard brush and trees, paint cans unless empty, oil and fuels, compressed gas containers unless tops are removed, and explosive materials. Although we will accept gas-operated machinery, it will be required that all gas and oil be drained from it off-site before it can be brought to the centers. Refrigerators and freezers must be empty.
No household garbage containing perishable items will be accepted.

Suggestions on disposal of materials not accepted at the centers:
Tires: These can be disposed of at businesses that sell and install tires for a small charge in most cases.

Batteries: Can be delivered to businesses that sell batteries and will usually pay you to do so.

Household garbage: Can be placed in the can provided to our residents by our current service provider.

Yard brush, cut-up trees, and wood: These can usually be burned on-site even in small quantities at a time. Check with proper authorities and possibly with the division of forestry for any necessary permits that may be required before burning begins. Some areas in the county and in the boundaries of our cities provide for periodic pickup of these materials if stacked curbside and cut in the required lengths. Consult your local service provider for more information on pickup times and other requirements.

Businesses and Contractors: As a general practice, waste from commercial projects are handled by having containers delivered on-site by a service provider in the area. The cost of having this service provided is, in most cases, passed on to the homeowner or business for whom the service is being provided.

City of Thomasville

The City of Thomasville is the current Sanitation, Solid Waste & Curbside service provider for Brooks County.

If you ever experience any issues, difficulties, or problems with your service, please call 833-322-8725 for assistance. Their hours of operation are 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday (closed on holidays).

Please keep in mind a few simple guidelines for curbside service:

  • Containers must be rolled to the curb by 6 AM the day of pickup.
  • Containers should be rolled into a visible location that is out of the way of traffic and pedestrians; right next to the curb works well.
  • Do not place liquids in the container.
  • Container lid must be closed.
  • They are not responsible for any items outside the container (including additional bags of waste).